Accreditation of Academic Performances



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Students who have completed or plan to register for study or exam performances in other degree programs and/or at other universities and who wish to have these accredited for their current course of studies, have to submit the following documents in German or English (as well as in the original):

  • In a cover letter, the student should explain briefly which course is concerned and whether it is a Bachelor's or Master's course.
  • The student should present a comprehensive outline of the course. This is meant to point out the content of the course. Besides, the duration of the course and, if necessary, the proportion of the exercise should also be added.
  • In addition, the student should present the literature used in the course. If the books are available, it would be helpful to obtain these books and to present them to the lecturer.
  • At last, further information on the type of examination (written, oral, duration, etc.) should be provided.

Based on the submitted documents, it will be checked whether and to what extend the academic work can be recognized. In case of a preliminary inquiry, the recognition will only be granted with reservations. However, this reservation is merely relating to the course actually taking place as per description.